Rodney Kinsman


Rodney Kinsman studied furniture design at the central school of Art in London. Together with Jurek Olejnik and Bryan Morrison he founded OMK Design in 1966 to make the furniture they designed.

Kinsman initially designed products for the retail market, more specifically aimed at the then embryonic Habitat stores, and his early products were successfully sold by them for over 15 years. Example T range chair, designed in '66.

In 1971, Rodney designed the very successful “omstak” chair. Regraded as the epitome of 1970’s high tech design, the “omstak” chair has been included in a number of design museums' permanent collections including the Victoria and Albert and has been in constant production for over 30 years. The chair was subsequently also licensed by the Italian manufacturer Bieffe, for whom Kinsman designed a range of products, during the '70s and '80s which ran parallel to his own production in the UK. Examples of Some of Rodney’s other designs included the “Vienna” chair as well as the “Tokyo” line.

Kinsman, together with Peter Glynn. Smith Co, designed the “Transit seating” system. Originally intended for Gatwick Airport the “Transit” row seating system was so successful that it has been used in more than 180 airports and other buildings. This triggered the move to focus on the Public seating sector and over the last 20 years OMK have further expanded the range in terms of variations and finishes. OMK is now entirely UK based manufacturer and have maintained their London headquarters for servicing clientele world-wide.

In 1983 Rodney Kinsman Fellow became a Fellow of the Society of industrial Artist and Designs and, in 1988, an honorary Fellow des Royal College of Art.