Giotto Stoppino

Giotto Stoppino

1926- 2011 (Italy)

Giotto Stoppino was born in Vigevano (Italy), 1926. After graduation of the Engineering University of Milano, he participated in the Neo-Liberty (Design movement of the harmonization of new architect style), The Kapur Chair designed in 1960, which was ensured the principals of the movement, became a topic of today.

In 1968, he established his own design studio and worked in a wide variety of plastic products for Kartell (Chairs, magazine racks, illuminations, etc.), appreciated by harmonic beauty over the surrounding areas and awarded the prize of Compasso d'oro twice. After studying at the faculties of architecture of Milan and of Venice, Stoppino worked with the Architetti Associati studio with Vittorio Gregotti and Lodovico Meneghetti, at Novara and later at Milan, from 1953 to 1968.

Since 1968 he has had his own studio, operating in the fields of architecture, interior decoration and design. As member of ADI, Association of Industrial Design since 1960, he has also held the position of president of this association from 1982 to 1984. He has participated at the IX, X, XII, XIII (Grand prize for the introductive section, 1964), XIV, XV Milan Triennial.

In 1972 he participated at the exhibition Italy: the New Domestic Landscape in New York with the lamp 537 designed for Arteluce and the small tables designed for Kartell. He received the "Compasso d'oro" prize in 1979 with the furniture Sheraton, designed for Acerbis and in 1991 with the Alessia doorhandle system manufactured by Olivari. In the explanatory statement it reads:

"A correct and consistent solution of a commonly used product".