Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Pitretti was born in Bolognia in 1940. He attended the Art Institute of Bologna, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where he studied before working as Interior Designer for Anonima Castelli from 1963.

Over twelve years with Castelli, he developed countless breakthrough furniture designs, primarily in the fields of seating. His best known projects included PLIA, a folding chair, PLATO, a folding table, amongst seating systems designed for communities and Institutional spaces.  PLIA had remarkable success, since its production in 1969, more than seven million copies were produced and have been acquired by Museum’s in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, MOMA New York for their design collections.

He was awarded many International awards for his pieces and would even be published in numerous magazines such as “Domus”, “Residential”,   “Gap Casa” just to name a few.

In the late 1970’s he collaborated with Emilio Ambasz on designing ergonomic office furniture, including the appropriately named “Vertebra” (1977) and “Dorsal” (1981) flexible office chairs.

From 1984 to 1986 he worked for “Castilia”, a Castelli group company specializing in the production of home furniture.