Peter Hvidt


Danish Architect and Furniture Designer, Co-Founder of Hvidt & Molgaard.

Born in Copenhagen in 1916, Peter completed his training at the Design school in Copenhagen, he worked at various design firms before setting up his own studio in 1942.

1944 he opened Hvidt & Molgaard studio which he ran with Orla Molgaard- Nielsen until 1975.

Together they created no less than 256 pieces of furniture, including the “Portex” and the Iconic “AX” chair. The “AX” chair was the first Danish chair with a seat and back made of double curved laminated wood. The seat and back could be removed and packaged separately for easy shipping and was produced by Fritz Hansen. The “AX” chair became a major icon of their career.

From 1970 Hvidt and Molgaard increasingly took on Architectural assignments which included the De Danske Sukkerfabrikker building in Copenhagen and consulted on the new “Little Belt Bridge”.

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