Product Focus- Gio Ponti Vimini Chair

Vimini Chair by Gio Ponti C1950

This exquiste wicker chir was designed by one of the most famous and influential architects Gio Ponti.

Ponti created this chair in 1950 whilst furnishing the Luxury Liner  "Conte Biancamano".

The "Conte Biancamano" has an amzaing history; built in 1925 in Glasgow, after being acquired by the Italian line in 1932, she was transfered to the Sth America Service. In 1934, she served asa troopship for the Italian Navy in over ten voyages to East Africa. During WWII, she was captured by the U.S and was used as an American troppship.

In 1947, she became the first passenger ship to be refurbished in post-war Italy, setting the guidlines for this future business. Her Interior renovations were a colloboration of artists, such as Massimo Capigli, Mario Sironi, Roberto Crippa, Gustavo Pullitzer & Gio Ponti.

After renovations, she housed 252 first class passengers, 455 in cabin class, and 893 in economy class. She was then re-introduced into Service along the North and South American Routes. 

On 14 July 1949, Conte Biancamano was placed on the Genoa – Buenos Aires route until 21 March 1950 when she was moved to the Genoa – Naples – Cannes – New York route.

On 26 March 1960, she began her last voyage on the Genoa – Naples – Barcelona – Lisbon – Halifax – New York route and on her return voyage. After 364 crossings of the line, during which she had carried 353,836 passengers which were put up for disarmament, and started off the demolition, which took place in La Spezia the following year. In 1964, during the ship's scrapping, the bridge, some first-class cabins and the large ballroom were dismantled and reassembled in the Air and ship pavilion of the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci" in Milan.

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